The name is Alexandra Grizinski.  Call me Alex.

I’m a reformed engineer and chronic soul searcher suffering from only child syndrome who currently resides in Ohio.  Much like Oprah, I like to write about my favorite things. Below, you’ll find a list of my favorite things:

Soul Searching
Ghosts & Bizzarities
Cupcakes & Delicious Things
Film & TV
Acting & Filmmaking
Books & Noveling
Deep Thoughts About Nothing
Surfing (the Internet)

I forgot what life was all about until I picked up the proverbial pen and started telling stories again.  I’ve got several projects in the works, including a web series, a novel, this blog, a podcast, and much more to come.  I’m a tad neurotic and have a cat named Henry.

Talk to me:

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Hi!  My name is Henry.  I was named after King Henry VIII because Mom says that as a kitten, I was the first one to the bowl of food and the last one to leave.  Her logic is infallible.  I write for this blog too.  Here are a few of my favorite things (shut up, Sound of Music fans):

Crumply paper balls
Cardboard boxes
Soft food
Hard food
My pal Coco
Tormenting old Princess (heh heh)
Pawing things off the counter
Knocking over fizzy drinks
Lying in the sun

I lick myself all the time because I am determined to be the softest cat in the world.


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